Say no to the business shirking responsibility! Your spectacle frame can still play like this

Have you ever had all kinds of problems when you wear glasses frame for a period of time? How many of these situations have you encountered?

For example, the situation

1: I accidentally pressed the spectacle frame and it was deformed. I pulled it back carefully or it was broken.

2: I don't know when a welding part of the spectacle frame will crack when I wear it normally.

3: It's not long before wearing glasses frame color, even a piece of off. 4: It's uncomfortable to wear the nose support or adjust the height. I pulled it carefully, but it still broke.

5: After buying glasses, I found that some parts were too soft and easy to deform.

Do you feel tired when you negotiate with the business?

In fact, these are caused by the poor quality control in the manufacture of spectacle frames, rather than the normal phenomenon or artificial cause as some sales say.

In the ISO quality standard system, there are clear standards for the spectacle frame in these aspects. The strength requirements of the wearing parts (hinge, pipe) of the spectacle frame: when making the spectacle frame, the inspector should test whether these parts can reach the required strength. Generally speaking, if these parts are pulled 15 degrees left and 15 degrees right, they are qualified products!

For the strength test of welding parts is also very strict, in the sampling process of welding strength unqualified situation means that the whole batch must be reworked and scrapped! The overall bearing capacity of glasses frame also has clear requirements, generally to withstand 300 to 500 grams of tension test requirements!

There are also very clear requirements for the adhesion of glasses with electroplated coloring. Artificial sweat corrosion test is commonly used now. The spectacle frames with color added in batches can be qualified only if they are not corroded and discolored by artificial sweat test. Of course, there are destructive knife cuts and so on. The spectacle frame that meets these requirements cannot easily fade.

All the tests are to ensure that consumers can buy the normal wear or pull will not have problems as the benchmark! Unfortunately, in order to pursue interests, how many of them can meet their requirements?

When there are problems, businesses will push consumers. For example, if there is color fading, he will say that you sweat too much, the working environment has corrosive gas, you often live in the seaside, and the cleaning fluid is not correct

If broken, he will say you pull the way is not correct, deformation, and even say you take glasses posture is not correct.. Excuse me for making up a laugh..

China's consumers are so kind and lovely, said a lot of these even let everyone feel these normal! That's what's terrible!

So consumers should learn to say no to unreasonable quality accidents and reasonable explanations!


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