What is the value of glasses (Part 2)?


"Glasses industry is a profiteering industry" involves the focus of the problem: glasses, after all, expensive? For glasses manufacturers, glasses are not expensive; for glasses retail terminal owners, glasses are not expensive; any link in the industry chain knows that glasses are not expensive. It is only consumers who really say glasses are expensive. And consumers know the least about glasses products.

What is the value of glasses? In part 1, Xiaobian analyzes the cost of glasses production from two aspects: the cost of glasses production, the cost of glasses materials and the cost of processing? In fact, the reason why glasses "sell expensive" is not limited to production. Today, Xiaobian will reveal "why glasses are sold expensive" from the functional and added value of glasses.

Key words: functionality

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people pay more attention to the quality of life, and the original single function glasses products also keep pace with the times, and develop more and more functions to meet the needs of different groups of people: anti fatigue, anti blue light, progressive multifocal, myopia + UV protection, color change, etc. the ultimate purpose of glasses with different functions is to bring some kind of glasses to people's eyes Favorable effect, efficiency, so as to change the visual feeling, make the line of sight become more comfortable and pleasing to the eyes.

In addition, glasses have another widely used "invisible function" - to change personal image and enhance personal temperament. Just imagine, if a big, three thick, ferocious person wears a pair of glasses, he can instantly weaken his "terror" atmosphere, and become a "cute" and popular person; and a person who "looks at the gentle and wears a pair of golden rimmed glasses" must also bring his own halo in social occasions and become a model of "high, rich and handsome". These are enough to show that glasses are not simply functional products to meet the vision correction. Like clothing and watches, they also symbolize the image you want to convey to the outside world.

The era of traditional glasses that "the eyeball adapts to glasses and the degree rises year by year" has long passed. "Glasses can automatically adjust function to actively adapt to eyes and improve eyesight" and "glasses can improve temperament" have become the consensus of more and more people. On this basis, if you still look at glasses products with an old-fashioned eye, use a single price that can not meet the market demand Measuring glasses products, in itself, is an idea that does not conform to the market rules and the development of the times.

Key words: design, brand

After design and cutting, a piece of cloth becomes a fashionable and beautiful ready-made garment; a piece of leather material is polished and designed, and turns into a dazzling sachet; two circles and two legs, after design and polishing, become the art on the bridge of the nose These all cover the power of design. If there is no design, the cloth is still the cloth, the skin is still the skin, and the circle is still the circle. And glasses, like clothes and bags, are naturally worth more and more after being given a "brand". Why? Because "brand" is the guarantee. Under the brand, quality, after-sales, service, guarantee and so on are all available. Even if it is "expensive", what you buy is different, and what you buy is reassuring, reassuring and comfortable.

However, the reality is that many people can recognize the design and brand value of clothes and bags. They are willing to spend more than the market price to "buy Bags" crazily. They think that "the expensive bags are because it is worth it". However, they have a denial attitude of "turning a blind eye to the design and brand value of eyewear products.". On practicality, brand, design and fashion, where can't glasses compare with bags?! Xiaobian also had to complain about glasses.

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