Maintenance must read

Glasses maintenance price list

Maintenance items



General welding

30 ~ 55 yuan

1-2 days

Laser welding

150 yuan

1-2 days

Customized parts

50 ~ 150 yuan

1-2 days

Frame adjustment

20 ~ 120 yuan

1-2 days

Remove the screw

60 yuan

1-2 days

Replace hinge

55 yuan

1-2 days

Welding of gold covered glasses

220 yuan

1-2 days

Welding of K-gold glasses

500 yuan

1-2 days

Plate glasses with high nose support

220 yuan

1-2 days

hawksbill shell-rimmed eyeglasses

Face to face

1 ~ face to face

Spring leg

30 ~ 150 yuan

1-2 days

Other information

Face to face

Face to face

matters needing attention:

1. The above prices are for single solder joint and bad spot. If there are multiple solder joints and bad spots, the price will be accumulated;

2. Please contact customer service if you need to mail it;

3. The above price is only for maintenance, excluding freight, invoice and other expenses;

4. Generally, we can repair and return the same day or the next day after receiving it, and there is no urgent charge.

Maintenance statement

Due to the complexity and diversity of mirror frame material and fracture, there are four possible situations after maintenance:

1. Unable to repair: the damage is serious. If there are no accessories and spare parts, welding and electroplating are not allowed, then it can not be repaired;

2. Partial repair: if it can be used after welding, but the surface coating will fall off and discolor. Sometimes the traces can not be completely eliminated after deformation correction, and repair traces (indentation, grinding marks, etc.) will be left.

3. Complete repair: such as screw replacement, wire drawing, nose support, lens, frame, etc. The screw looseness and tightening, slight deformation adjustment of the mirror frame can be completely repaired.

4. After repair, not only did not repair, may cause the glasses further damage. No matter how good the technical level of the repair personnel is, the possibility of repair failure can not be avoided. Sometimes from the surface of the glasses damage is not heavy, and the hidden danger is very heavy, only when the repair shows a serious degree: a repair is broken!

Maintenance process also needs to consume a certain amount of material and labor costs, so: in order to minimize unnecessary unhappiness, please carefully read the statement in this paragraph, repair is a remedy, not a replacement, can not be flawless, most of the time it is difficult to achieve the level of repair as new! Our store does not provide return / exchange service! The pursuit of perfection is free of talk!

About warranty:

With our invoice life-long unconditional warranty! After maintenance, customer service will send the e-invoice to your SMS / wechat / email, please keep it properly. As long as your glasses have been in use, we have repaired the location of the problem, lifelong free warranty!

About the invoice:

All customers are issued a unified national formal electronic invoice.

About express delivery:

Address: 1501-07, block B, Yihe international, No.1, Hanguang South Road, Yanta District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province

Tel: 15291595636

Attn: day by day glasses maintenance

Any express delivery can be sent across the country! Return to express default Yunda.

be careful:

1. Laser welding is also high temperature. The damage range of the mirror frame coating is about 0.1 ~ 8.0 mm near the welding spot radius, so there is no trace!

2. Plastic, plate frame edge fracture repair must send the lens together! If you install it by yourself after returning, it is likely to open again!

3. Half frame glasses, frameless glasses laser welding must send the lens together! It is used to adjust the balance of mirror frame during and after welding.


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