[reminder] what is the value of glasses?

The misunderstanding of the "profiteering theory" has not yet disappeared. The advent of the Internet plus era has made information more transparent, and the channels for consumers to buy glasses have become more and more abundant.

For consumers, there are more and more choices, but when asked how to buy a good pair of glasses, perhaps most people still can't make a judgment.

If a consumer thinks that a pair of glasses is too expensive, what we need to do is not to let him choose a low-cost product, but to tell him where the glasses are and what is the value of the glasses? Then let them make a judgment according to their own situation.

Key point 1: the product can be forged after a lot of tempering

We need to tell the consumer that the glasses have gone through hundreds of processes before he sees them. Take the resin lens as an example, before the finished product, the manufacturing of a piece of resin lens is mainly divided into three modules: substrate, hardening and coating. After that, we have to go through a series of complicated and exquisite techniques, such as lens ingredients, substrate assembly, filling, one-time curing, parting, trimming and cleaning, secondary curing, coloring, hardening, hardening inspection, curing, coating and so on.

Point 2: choose the most suitable product

The key to judge whether a pair of glasses is good or not depends on whether the glasses are suitable for you. After consumers choose the frame and frame, it will take a long time to make glasses that meet the characteristics of consumers' eyes. After receiving the glasses processing application, it is necessary to check the information on the processing sheet, check whether the parameters on the processing sheet are consistent with the parameters of the lens frame, and check whether the lens frame has defects. When there are special requirements on the processing sheet, it is necessary to mark and circle with a marking pen to confirm that the parameters of the lens are consistent with the parameters on the processing sheet. Then, after experiencing the lens inspection process and the scanning environment of glasses. Also need to complete the suction cup step, at the same time the lens trimming, drilling, assembly and so on all need the careful production of the optician, finally can reach the consumer's hands.

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