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The merchants who put advertisements on the glasses watch platform can enjoy a discount of 8.0% with the membership card of the glasses watch platform. Customers who introduce the glasses repair business to the company can return them pro rata with the invoice after the order is completed.

The return ratio is directly proportional to the duration of delivery

give an example:

1. For an order of 150 yuan, you can enjoy a discount of 8.0% and a payment of 120 yuan; if you put an advertisement on the platform for one month, the proportion of return is 1 / 12, and after the order is completed, 120 × 1 / 12 = 10 yuan; after 3 months, the return ratio is 1 / 4120 × 1 / 4 = 30 yuan; for 12 months, the return ratio is 12 / 12 = 1, 100% refund, 120 × 100% = 120 yuan. and so on;

2. If several advertisements are put in at the same time, the longest time shall prevail;

3. Each advertisement shall be returned once with the invoice (the invoice can be accumulated, and each invoice is limited to one time), and the maximum amount shall not exceed the total amount of paid advertising fee;

4. There is no time limit for return. Advertising cycle has passed, the invoice validity period will not be affected!


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