Where are glasses (Part 2)?

Through the analysis of the first and second parts of glasses, I believe that many people have changed a little. But back to the initial opening, in fact, the problem of "where are glasses expensive" itself does not hold, because glasses are not expensive at all, OK? Like other commodities in normal circulation, the price of glasses not only includes the manufacturing cost, material quality, processing cost and the functionality and added value of the products, but also involves the sales channels, the location and the value behind the glasses.

Key words: Major

As we mentioned in the previous article, the manufacturing process and processing technology of glasses products are complex and cumbersome, far from being the random combination of "two circles and two legs" as we thought. It can be said that glasses have always been a professional and fashionable product. Its professionalism is as important as fashion, and even more professional than fashion. Even so, many people will subconsciously think that this is a place to "sell glasses" and deliberately increase the "sales" attribute when they see the glasses shop and the matching center.

In fact, many people, including most people with visual impairment, ignore the value of professional services in optometry, visual acuity correction, eye vision health care, preliminary examination and so on. In fact, some people have begun to realize the value and professionalism of glasses. In an eyewear shop with high level of optometry, good grinding technology, good level of glasses correction by opticians, good service attitude and guaranteed product quality, customers will not feel that glasses are expensive because of the value for money while enjoying the service.

Key words: Location

Li Jiacheng has a famous theory of location: the first is the location, the second is the location, and the third is the location. For the retail industry, location is also very important, because location not only refers to the high rent, but also means the consumer groups, purchasing power, radiation range and other factors that can affect the business turnover. For customers, location is equally important. In addition to the diversity of choices, location also means protection. Even if the same brand store is used, the product grade of different stores in different locations will be different. Therefore, if the price is slightly higher than that of ordinary stores, it can be accepted.

Just like the watch and jewelry industry, the location of the eyewear shop is usually located in the busy road section of the big city, and there are also some stores close to schools and communities. With the continuous rise of house prices, the cost of store rent is rising. It seems that it is an unwritten agreement that the rent cost be evenly distributed to the unit price of products for stores in the same position in other industries. Can't we ask for the current price of glasses according to the price level five years ago? Glasses people should also keep pace with the times, so as to provide better and better products and services for customers.

      Are glasses expensive? Of course not! If you want to say that it is expensive, it is also very reasonable. Those who are still shouting that "glasses are profiteering", in addition to echoing people's opinions, it is time to put aside their prejudices, seriously understand the glasses and the glasses industry chain, and choose a pair of "expensive glasses" with high value for money within the scope of their abilities, which is responsible for their own eye health and giving them a better care.

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