Refraction instructions

Optometry is mainly used to check the deformation of the eyeball. Generally, there are two methods. One is to use the instrument to check the deformation of the eyeball, and the other is to use the lens to replace it and wear a pair of glasses with changeable lenses to determine the degree of glasses to be worn, so as to match a pair of suitable glasses.

1. Inquiry

2. Preliminary test of computer refractometer

3. Preset luminosity

4. Distant fog

5. Preliminary examination of astigmatism (covering left eye and opening right eye)

6. First red and green visual inspection

7. JCC axial position inspection

8. JCC astigmatism inspection

9. Second red and green visual inspection

10. Cover the right eye and open the left eye

11. Test the dominant eye and check the balance of both eyes (the second fog)

12. Photometric adaptation

13. Preliminary assessment of visual function (eye accommodation, convergence, stereopsis)

14. Issue optometry form

About our optometry:

1、 Our environment: independent refraction room, semi darkroom refraction

2、 Our equipment: a comprehensive refractometer worth tens of thousands of yuan

3、 Our optometrists: graduated from optometry, hold senior optometrist certificate and have rich experience in optometry

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