Settlement agreement and process

A: Win win cooperation

In order to maximize the value of the platform, a new type of cooperative partnership "supplier as a seller" is proposed and built.

In this new type of partnership, the role of the supplier changes from a commodity provider to a deep cooperative one. In addition to recommending high-quality products that are most suitable for consumers, suppliers also need to actively complete inventory management, commodity editing, commodity pricing, commodity replacement, commodity marketing and other business operations after the recommended goods are approved. The reason why we adopt this method is that we firmly believe that "professional people do professional things". Businesses must know the characteristics of their own goods and the shopping characteristics of target consumer groups. Adopting this mode can maximize the enthusiasm of suppliers, so as to better meet the needs of consumers.

On the [glasses watch] platform, businesses, operation teams and warehousing and distribution teams focus on their areas of expertise, greatly reduce intermediate links, and deliver high-quality goods directly to consumers, so as to maximize the value of multiple parties.

B: [glasses watch] platform business entry standard:

We welcome more businesses and employees to join the [glasses watch] platform to share the huge business opportunities of the rapid development of e-commerce. At the same time, we will carry out strict screening, certification and management of businesses. The specific requirements are as follows:

1. Any of the following commodities may be added to the "shop list" of the [glasses clock] platform:

Glasses / watches / watches / watch equipment, instruments, tools, consumables, glasses / watches / watches and accessories, maintenance, after-sales, technical training, books, videos, software, MP3, second-hand, decoration, transfer, manufacturers, stores, employees

2. Good e-commerce operation, marketing and financial ability

First, have the ability to edit and publish product pages independently.

Second, it has the ability of independent delivery to the supermarket warehouse.

Third, it has the ability to manage the inventory of supermarket goods on a daily basis, and can complete the inventory check, replenishment and return independently according to the sales and inventory of the commodities.

Fourth, financial personnel can regularly verify that the supermarket system issues bills, and issue settlement invoices to the supermarket on time to complete the settlement.

3. Enjoy a good reputation in the industry, need to have the relevant authorization

4. Integrity, open mind, embracing change and committed to e-commerce

C: Qualification criteria:

1. Qualification requirements:

(1) Business should "invoice special seal";

(2) Businesses need to have the following information:

Business license, ID card and qualification certificate (optional)

2. Special commodity qualification requirements:

Businesses need to have the following information:

contact lenses

License for medical device production and operation

In addition: the qualification of special products shall be subject to the information required by the legal department of our company.


If a business is an agent, it needs to provide a letter of authorization with a complete chain of authorization, that is, the letter of authorization provided by the merchant can be pushed back to the brand business step by step;

● invoice: all businesses must be able to issue quota and value-added tax invoices, and the company name stamped on the invoice must be consistent with the company name cooperating with the [glasses clock] platform;

● Businesses must ensure the authenticity and validity of the relevant qualifications provided before and after the settlement (if the relevant qualifications are provided by a third party, such as trademark registration certificate, power of attorney, etc., please check the authenticity and validity first). Once the false qualification is found, the business will be listed in the list of dishonest businesses, and the [glasses clock] platform will no longer cooperate with the business, and has the right to investigate it legal responsibility.

D. Tariff standard:

Goods and services will be charged at the rate of 0.62% of the total transaction amount, and the advertisement will be discussed separately (for details, please refer to the glasses clock service number of Shaanxi tiantianxiangshang glasses Co., Ltd.).

E: Guide to business settlement process

1. Residence application

(1) Check the qualification information: the merchant first confirms that it meets the qualification standard of the [glasses clock] platform (see the qualification for entry application).

(2) Submit entry application: Merchants send the application to the [glasses clock] platform mailbox / wechat( e-mail:yjzb2017@foxmail/ Wechat: yjzb132014348).

(3) Communication between the two parties: the person in charge of the [glasses clock] platform will conduct preliminary review on the merchants, give feedback on the results and contact the merchants at the first time.

(4) Confirm the cooperation intention: the person in charge of the platform will communicate with you on the terms and requirements of cooperation, and both parties will confirm the cooperation intention.

2. Contract signing

(1) Send the contract: the person in charge of the [glasses clock] platform will send the official electronic version of the contract to the merchant.

(2) Submit the contract qualification: the merchant signs the contract according to the requirements, and submits the relevant qualification documents to the person in charge of the relevant category of the [glasses clock] platform.

(3) Qualification contract review: the relevant departments of the [glasses clock] platform review the contract and qualification documents.

3. Cooperation preparation

(1) Prepare the product information: the merchant prepares the related product picture and the detailed product description which needs the commodity.

(2) Carry out sales: the head of the category will contact with the merchants to arrange the follow-up matters of the on-site sales.

F. Mail( )/Wechat (yjzb132014348) contains:

(1) The title of the e-mail address should be the same as the name of the brand, the name of the factory, the name of the store, and the name of the person.

(2) , details (contact person, contact address, contact telephone number)

(3) , electronic version of enterprise's three certificates (business license, organization code, tax registration), electronic version of power of attorney, trademark registration license, and commodity quotation (normal sales price including category deduction points)

(4) Company profile [company profile, company address, registered capital, supplier level (manufacturer, national representative, first-class agent, second-class agent, others), goods sold, online sales, advertising, etc.

(5) , optometrist, watch maintenance professional qualification certificate.

G. For other matters not covered, please pay attention to "glasses watch service number" (wechat: yjzb4348) on the wechat public platform of "Shaanxi tiantianxiangshang glasses Co., Ltd.", and we will answer your questions and push messages at any time.

Note: we will review each wechat / email of the business in detail and give a reply within 1 working day.

Attachment: operation process:

1、 Wechat applet settlement:

Open the mobile phone to log in to wechat. After entering, click the "applet" at the bottom of the page after "discovery". After entering, click the top [search] "glasses clock". After entering, find "I want to settle" in the navigation bar or find "my" at the bottom, and click "my". After entering, you can find "application for settlement", and read the settlement agreement of [glasses clock] platform in detail ”, click agree to complete the free admission application. After our approval, the "application for entry" will become the "approved brand". At the same time, we will send you the link of store background management Link://type=URL&

"Merchant address", you copy and paste it into the top search box of your computer browser and click to enter it

Enter the account name and password to log in, and then set the specific contents,

2、 Baidu applet settlement process:

It is basically the same as wechat applet

Three, Alipay small program entry process:

And wechat, baidu small program process is basically the same


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