Linear microscopy

Bagolini linear mirror

 Bagolini linear lens is composed of two flat lenses of the left and right eyes. There are several parallel stripes on each lens. The direction of the stripes of the two lenses is 45 ° and 135 ° respectively



   Because the Bagolini linear mirror is transparent and does not separate and fuse, so Bagolini linear mirror examination is close to natural, binocular vision state (binocular natural visual environment). During the examination, patients wear Bagolini linear mirror, and both eyes gaze at the light source at 6m away. Those with normal binocular monocular vision function can see complete cross. Because of peripheral fusion in patients with monocular fixation syndrome, the patients with monocular fixation syndrome have peripheral fusion However, due to the inhibition of macula in the non dominant eye, the central part of the stripe was discontinuous.


 Because of the need of Bagolini linear endoscopy, the patient has a certain understanding and expression ability, so it is not suitable for younger children.


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