Tariff standard

Goods and services are charged at 0.62% rate of the total transaction volume (WeChat, Baidu, Alipay applet).

Wechat app ads:

1. Slide bar: play in turn, the national can see, 1000.00 yuan / month / pair (with shop or commodity link).

Long press recognition wechat QR code payment

2. Navigation bar: hot selling products, promotion products, new product recommendation, package mail for sellers

10.00 yuan / column / month / payment.

Navigation icon direct to your store: 900.00 yuan / month / household

3. Shop list and shop Street: national / annual / 300.00 yuan / store (family, person), 1 province / year / 100.00 yuan / store (family, person), 1 city / county / district / year 0.00 yuan / store (family, person)

4. Self operated (single store, nationwide): 2000.00 yuan / year / store (family, person)

Long press recognition wechat QR code payment

5. Full amount reduction, full amount package mail, find someone to pay, share the red envelope separately

6. Special topic: second kill

7. Venue: to be discussed separately

8. Bargaining: another discussion

Rich text standard

Second kill position

Picture rotation, exhibition and window booth

Bulletin board


1. The price of the front page advertisement depends on the specific content, display form and display time (in the picture, 1 is a slide; 2 is a brand street; 3 or 5 is a notice; 6 is a video broadcast; 7 is a rich text, which is the place to display a large area of text, and the specific position should be considered as appropriate.) The front page advertisement can also be placed in the member center, and the specific position depends on the content of the advertisement, the display form and the display time. In addition, integral mall, the whole point of second kill in the slide can also be considered!

2, spectacle clock, Alipay > small program, glasses watch, Baidu > small program advertising cost according to the 1/2 calculation of glasses, clocks, watches, WeChat, etc.

[glasses clock] platform:

Public service number: glasses clock service number (wechat: yjzb4348)

Wechat: yjzb132014348 (nickname: [glasses clock] platform)



Tel: 13201434348

Corporate account:

Name: Shaanxi tiantianxiangshang glasses Co., Ltd

Taxpayer identification number: 91610113ma6uqrddxd

Address: room 1501-07, block B, Yihe international, No.1 Hanguang South Road, Yanta District, Xi'an City

Tel: 13201434348


Bank of deposit: Xi'an Hanguang Road branch of Bank of Communications Co., Ltd

Account No.: 61189999100103623270

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