Pure titanium frame, semi titanium frame or titanium alloy frame? Now it's time to know

A lot of pure titanium glasses are good friends? There are also different opinions on the information. Today's small editor can say the old saying again, detailed popularization of pure titanium and titanium alloy glasses and good or bad.

First of all, pure titanium spectacle frame refers to that the main part of the frame is made of titanium metal with a titanium content of 99%. The main part here refers to the eyeglass frame (excluding the circle line, all qualified titanium metal products are made of titanium alloy), nose bridge and mirror leg (including Zhuangtou hinge part). Other parts can be other materials, such as nose support, spleen cover, decorative pieces, etc. This kind of spectacle frame is pure titanium spectacle frame in the real sense.

Unfinished semi-finished pure titanium spectacle frame

The advantage of pure titanium is, of course, light. The disadvantage is that there is no elasticity, one fold will deform, so the general pure titanium frame is relatively thick, otherwise the strength is not enough. The so-called corrosion resistance is not reflected in the glasses. If the head of glasses of other materials can be corroded, that's terrible! Titanium welding process now has laser welding and titanium welding two kinds. The so-called does not fade is a complete fraud! General pure titanium, titanium alloy are using IP vacuum plating, and then add color, spray protection. This process can be done by any metal material. It's just a matter of cost.

Let's talk about titanium frames. The definition is different from pure titanium spectacle frame. As long as there is a main body made of titanium alloy, it is called titanium alloy frame, instead of the whole body like pure titanium. At present, there are mainly two kinds of titanium alloy spectacle frames on the market: one is beta titanium, which is commonly known as B titanium. Its titanium content is about 75%. The so-called biological titanium that some businesses boast is him, the same. It is the only titanium alloy without nickel at present. Its advantages are also very light. Generally, B titanium spectacle frame is lighter than pure titanium, because B titanium has pure titanium and no elasticity, so B titanium glasses are not thick enough to reflect the elasticity. Disadvantages B titanium often have poor quality products to produce, easy to break. Of course, if it is qualified, titanium B will not be broken. To sum up: B titanium alloy has the same advantages as pure titanium light! But compared with pure titanium, it has an advantage of elasticity. Other factors, such as brand, are only in the price of raw materials. B titanium alloy is about three to five times more expensive than pure titanium.

B. unfinished product of titanium spectacle legs

The second commonly used titanium alloy spectacle frame is nickel titanium alloy, which is often referred to as memory titanium or memory metal! From the literal understanding, memory is super elastic, it is extremely difficult to deform at room temperature. Because of its high elasticity, it is only suitable for the upper bridge of the nose and the leg of the glasses. But as long as the bridge of the nose or the leg is made of nitinol, we classify it as memory titanium frame. High grade nickel titanium alloys come from Japan. So the price of raw materials is also very expensive. It's as light as B titanium, pure titanium. The elasticity is much higher than that of B titanium. Defects are also bad products, very easy to break

Memory titanium alloy leg

Let's talk about the lower half of the titanium frame. The definition is that one part of the eyeglass frame is pure titanium and the other main part is other materials without titanium! For example: the eyeglass frame is pure titanium, and the mirror leg is made of copper, stainless steel, glue and other materials. In short, it is half pure titanium and half other products without titanium.

Semi titanium spectacle frame, pure titanium eyeglass frame and rubber plate for lens leg

Finally: the purchase of titanium metal spectacle frame does not have to tangle is pure titanium or titanium alloy. But buy titanium alloy glasses frame should pay attention to the price, normal channels of titanium alloy is very expensive, if cheap, think twice!

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